Cleaning your patio or driveway is never a job that anyone looks forward to, but it is an essential part of your garden maintenance. As a landscaper in Dublin, I regularly see lovely properties let down by the appearance of their driveway or patio. Over the year it can get slimy and mouldy, attracting all sorts of nasties that can affect the look of your patio or driveway, as well as proving to be a health hazard. Regular cleaning can take care of these issues as well as making your patio or driveway look much better, enhancing the appearance of your home and garden.

Looks so much better

Mowing your lawn, weeding your garden, cutting your shrubs back are all jobs which contribute to the overall look of your garden. The same can be said for cleaning your patio or driveway. Restoring your patio to its original state by giving it a deep clean gives the appearance of your whole garden a lift. If you have coloured patio slabs, you’ll be surprised at how vibrant and attractive your patio will look after a good clean. It’s the same with your driveway. After a deep clean, your driveway will be so much more appealing, even adding value to your house price.

Remove pests or insects

Apart from the visible dust, grime on your patio or driveway, or the unsightly weeds that take root in between your stones, over time, microscopic germs, pests, bacteria and pollen can thrive on the surface of your patio or driveway stones. Regular cleaning will remove these hidden germs, making your patio visibly and hygienically clean.

Prolong the life of your patio

Your patio or driveway may need maintenance from time to time. However, if it is covered in dirt and moss, it is impossible for you to see any maintenance work that needs doing. If left, these small jobs can get much worse and cost you more money in the long run. Regular cleaning of your patio or driveway will help you spot any small jobs that you need to take care of earlier, prolonging the life of your stones and saving you further costs in the future.


Moss, dirt, unsightly weeds, apart from making your patio or driveway look messy, can also be dangerous. Weeds can create trip hazards and moss can make your patio or driveway slimy, which could cause someone to slip over and injure themselves. Regular cleaning will keep your patio or driveway looking its best and safe for everyone to use.

Why get your patio or driveway cleaned by a professional?

It is best to get a professional in to clean your patio or driveway for a number of reasons.

Get the right tools

Hire a professional, and they will turn up with the right equipment for the job, using a pressure washer and any other tools they need to make sure your patio or driveway is thoroughly cleaned, looking its best, which can prevent further cleaning needed sooner that you expect.

Environmentally friendly

Pressure washing is so effective, chemicals are rarely used, making it an environmentally safe process. The powerful jets are extremely effective in removing all the dust, grime and bacteria from the surface of your patio or driveway stones. However, occasionally, you may need extra help to remove certain stains, and a professional will know the right chemicals to use, so they’re safe for the environment and any plants surrounding your patio or driveway,

Fast and professional service

Regular cleaning can take you time and cost you money. Rather than give up the time and pay out the costs of hiring or buying a pressure washer, professional cleaning is fast and convenient, meaning you can go to work and return home to a pristine patio or driveway. Let New Leaf take care of it for you.

Are you looking to get your patio or driveway professionally cleaned? New Leaf Landscaping, Dublin offers a fast, professional and friendly service to get your patio or driveway looking its best. Please get in contact to book or for more information.

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