Tree Surgery by New Leaf Landscaping

New Leaf Landscaping’s tree surgery services include:

Tree pruning – If your garden doesn’t get enough sunlight, we can reduce the size of one or more trees in your garden. This is also important for the health of trees because it makes them stronger and this promotes new growth. Tree pruning should be done annually.
Crown shaping – If your trees have a shape you don’t like or if the trees have overgrown, interlaced branches, we can help and give your trees a uniformed shape.
Tree removal – We can also remove unwanted trees in your garden. Therefore we will cut down the tree and then remove the stump.
Tree felling – If you have trees in your garden that are sick or already dead, we also provide tree felling, which is similar to the tree removal service.
Emergency tree work and deadwood removal – Sometimes tree branches or entire trees fall down when a powerful storm rages. If this is the case with you, we can remove the branches or trees from your garden.
Ivy removal – Ivy often grows very quickly and covers large areas. Contact us to remove the unwanted ivy in your garden.


Safety is really important to us at New Leaf Landscaping. This includes the safety of our team, your property, garden and the surrounding area. This is why we take care to use all of the industry standard safety measure to make sure that your work is carried out carefully, professionally and efficiently. This can range from protective headware, eye ware and ear defenders, to ladders, harnesses and rigging equipment.

Why do you need to cut your trees?

Trees are a beautiful addition to any garden, but you need to take the time to care for and maintain them in order to prevent problems occurring in the future. Here are four of the main reasons why you need to give us a call to take care of your trees.

The tree is diseased or dying: It’s not always obvious that your tree is dying. Look out for signs such as: brittle bark that’s falling off, limbs dying and falling off, fewer or no leaves in the spring and summer, patchy leaves or a spongy or brittle trunk. Look out for these signs, as a diseased tree can spread disease to surrounding trees so you should take care of it as soon as possible.

If your tree is diseased or dying, we can cut it back or remove it completely to prevent any damage from falling branches or the tree falling completely and damaging your property or garden.

Your tree has mould or blight: If the leaves on your tree are discoloured or have a ‘burnt’ look, your tree may have mould or blight. If you prune the affected area before it spreads, you can prevent long term damage to your tree.

Roots growing into your pipes or your house: Tree roots can be very invasive, damaging underground pipes, lifting patio or paving and even damaging the foundations of your house. If you catch this early and give us a call, we may be able to cut back the roots without damaging the health or stability of your tree.

The crown of your tree is overgrown: Left unattended, the drown of your tree will just grow and grow. This can block the light to the rest of your garden, killing off plants and shrubs, encroach on a neighbour’s property or damage your own roof or guttering. Give New Leaf a call and we can prune your tree back so it looks tidier and it isn’t causing any problems.

When is the best time to cut your trees?

Generally, between November and March, trees are dormant so this is the best time to cut your trees and it reduces the possibility of damaging the trees. Your trees are less susceptible to insects and disease, there is less impact on the rest of your garden and your trees heal faster in the winter. This means, once pruned, your trees will be ready to burst into life again come spring.

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We provide the following services:

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