There can be no doubt that lockdown saw a huge rise in people investing in their gardens, and as a landscape gardener in Dublin, I have seen a huge variety of hedges being planted. Hedges are a great addition to any garden, offering structure, shade and encouraging wildlife back into your garden. However, many people think that hedges require little or no maintenance, but if you want your hedge looking its best for years to come, you need to think about trimming and pruning.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why you need to trim your hedge.

  1. Remove dead, damaged or diseased branches

Regular trimming and pruning will make sure that any diseased branches don’t have the opportunity to damage the rest of the hedge, which if left untended, could end up killing the whole plant. Removing dead or damaged branches will keep your hedge looking healthy and will be much better for the wildlife that lives in your hedge.

  1. Keep them looking good

For me, there’s nothing that can life a garden like a healthy, thriving hedge. And there’s nothing worse that a thin, patch and untidy hedge. Remember why you planted the hedge in the first place. Regular trimming will keep your hedge tidy and shaping your hedge will make it a stunning focus point of your garden.

  1. Promote new growth

If you keep to a regular trimming schedule, cutting back your hedge in the Autumn and Winter when growth has slowed right down, when spring arrives, it will be prepared to burst into life. Trimming may seem like you are cutting it back so it looks a bit threadbare, but like any plant, cutting it back will promote new and healthy growth.

  1. Improve plant health

If you haven’t had your hedge trimmed for a while, the chances are it’s a bit top heavy as that part of your hedge gets the most sunlight. This can lead to the bottom of the hedge looking thin as it spends its time in the shadows. Getting a professional to trim your hedge properly, will prevent this happening and give you an even, healthy hedge.

  1. Keep them alive longer

Hedges that are regularly trimmed generally live longer than hedges that aren’t. You have invested in your hedge, so by getting it regularly trimmed, you are protecting your investment and you get to enjoy your hedge for many years to come.

It may seem like trimming your hedge is just cutting it back, but while you can trim your hedge, if you want it looking in tip top condition, year on year, it is advisable to get a professional to come and trim it for you. This way, you can be sure that the hedge will survive and thrive.

If you need your hedge trimmed, have a look at our hedge trimming page and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at New Leaf Landscaping.

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