If you are thinking about updating your garden in Dublin in readiness for spring and summer but it’s too soon to think about planting, laying a new patio or replacing an old worn-out patio is a great way to improve the look of your garden and give it a lift.

Getting a new patio laid before spring is a great way to begin your garden transformation so when spring and summer arrive, you can make the most of the good weather and spend more time out in your garden.

Here are three reasons why you should let New Leaf landscaping take care of it for you, as we offer a range of paving services in Dublin to meet your needs.

Low maintenance

If you don’t have a patio and you’d like to make more of your outdoor space, then a patio is the ideal way to improve the look of your garden, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on planting and weeding, or if you’re not particularly green fingered.

Patios are pretty low maintenance so with little effort, your garden can stay looking great for the whole year. They are easy to keep clean, requiring a sweep every so often to remove dead leaves and a thorough wash a couple of times a year to make your paving look as good as new is all it takes, so you can enjoy the garden, whatever the weather.

Makes your house and garden look great

The best think about a new patio is how dramatically it affects the look of your garden. A new patio gives the whole garden a lift and gives you the foundation to create the garden of your dreams by adding planting, pots, trees and furniture. With the patio in place, you can design your garden so your patio, planting and furniture all compliment each other. A new patio can even add value to your property if you are thinking of selling your house and is something prospective owners always look for.

Outdoor space

The main reason for getting a new patio is to create an outdoor space for you to use. You can use it to create a great entertaining space with a barbecue or firepit, a space to relax and enjoy the outdoors with a garden sofa or some loungers or somewhere for the little ones to play. By adding a new patio, it is like adding another room to your home, somewhere for the whole family to enjoy being outdoors.

At New Leaf we can help you pick the right patio for you in Dublin. We can help you select the slabs that compliment your garden and achieve the look you require. We are fast, efficient and professional, meaning you can be out enjoying your garden on your new patio in next to no time.

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